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The paths that we follow and  that  implement in co-existence have crossed.

The intersection of paths is called a "crossroads".

Who are we? Where (to what) are we going? What is UNITY BASIS for each of us? That is, what unites each of us with each other, in the presence of external, cultural, genetic and other differences?  What is unites for all of us, and on what is the World based?

Whatever it is, there is, for example, a place called " CROSSROADS"
 (Russia, Orenburg region, Orsk, the "Preobrazhenskaya" mountain):

Those of us who aspires to the "Crossroads" and/or visit the mountain "Preobrazhenskaya", Kirilov Square https://goo.gl/maps/YGYzvVNRr6S2 (at any convenient time, and, in particular, on march 20+21, durings the "Meeting at the Crossroads"), asserts the existence of a COMMON UNITY BASIS (universal for each of us). And, in relate they (we) sees the further route, and contribute to the implementation of large-scale transformations (related to the transformation of the glitched crowd-elitist social SYSTEM, the transformation of the state SYSTEM, and the manifestation of a harmonious, thrives "New World" ("New Earth"), here and now).


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